Reserved yet cheery ruler of Dunwall


Blue hair, cheery, wishes for peace.


Twin sister to King Ephraim, Eirika and her brother inherited the throne from their father, King Fado, on his passing in PT 45. Eirika bloomed beautifully into her role has Dunwall’s queen. While Ephraim fends off the shadows beyond the walls, Eirika ensures her people’s safety from equally dangerous threats within.

While Ephraim doubted his eligibility to lead, Eirika assumed her role with grace. If she held any reservations about her own abilities, she did not show them. The high political circle of Dunwall is a dangerous minefield. As the last bastion of light against the all-consuming dark, Dunwall’s leadership holds the fate of humanity in their hands. Though many look towards humanity’s best interests, the lull in a constant battle for survival have driven some to look for means to bolster their own chances at any cost. For Eirika, maintaining a delicate balance of power between these two factions is a constant war fought in ballrooms and grand halls. A skilled swordswoman by her own right, many would-be assassins have met a timely demise at the end of the Thunder Blade Sieglinde.

Having never known her mother, the death of their father forged a strong bond between Eirika and her brother. Having yet to take a husband or entertain suitors, Eirika’s devotion to her brother is the talk of many social circles, though none have dared to question the siblings’ relationship directly.


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