King of the city of Dunwall


Tall, blue haired, seemingly cold and distant ruler of Dunwall.


Brother to Queen Eirika, Ephraim and his sister inherited the throne from their father, King Fado, on the night of his passing in PT 45. Though initially lacking his father’s conviction and reluctant to ascend the throne, Ephraim’s fair and capable leadership has played a strong role in maintaining peace and stability in these dark times.

While his sister reveled in social gatherings, Ephraim’s expertise lied on the battlefield. Naturally talented, the young prince earned his right to bear arms as early as 14, and served bravely alongside his fellow knights. His heroic bravado and seemingly reckless stratagems always seemed to succeed, and Ephraim quickly ascended to the rank of captain of the Cross Knights. By 18, his deeds and inspiring command have already garnered the respect of knights many years his senior. On the night of the ceremony in which he was bequeathed Siegmund, the Flame Lance, it was said that Dunwall’s Light shone especially bright. Even in the dark haze of battle, Ephraim stands out as a luminous beacon, many recruits of the Legion dream of one day riding unto glory alongside the Comet Knight.

Having never known his mother, the death of their father forged a strong bond between Ephraim and his sister. Courtly gossip seems to suggest that his overprotectiveness of his dear sister stems from more than brotherly love, though none have dared to approach the siblings’ relationship directly.


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