Gramis Gana Solidor

Founder of Dunwall


A brilliant military commander, Gramis Ghana Solidor cemented his place in human history with the founding of the city of Dunwall.

This momentous accomplishment marked the beginning of the new age, the age of Pax Tenebris (PT). Mankind will no longer fear the darkness, and a new civilization will be built among ruins of the past.

Just as the humanity’s hope was at its peak, however, Old Gramis suddenly fell ill. For ten long, excruciating years, he entrusted the throne to not his son, Vayne, but rather his trusted confidant, Fado.

In the last few years of his life, the light blessed Gramis with a second son, Larsa Solidor. Humanity’s greatest hero passed away in 45 PT, he rests now in a secret chamber deep within the Solidor estate.

Gramis Gana Solidor

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