Larsa Ferrinas Solidor

Younger lord of House Solidor


Capable and especially wise for his age, House Solidor’s kinder offspring.


Born to what is perhaps the highest profile family in Dunwall. Son to the city’s founder, while Vayne is rarely seen outside the high circles of the city, Larsa can oft be found mingling with the populace of many different social classes, much to the chagrin of his retainers.

Always found with a smile on his face, everyone that has met Larsa remarks that he is a genius, with a sharp mind many decades beyond his age. Despite his intellect, Larsa lacks the arrogance and, to a degree, the pride that distinguishes his family name. Only the especially receptive may note the burden behind his bright demeanor.

It is said that empire building ran in the Solidor bloodline. All eyes are on the young 14-year-old as he embarks from Dunwall to create a new bastion for mankind.

Larsa Ferrinas Solidor

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